Don't Just Save Money with Campstur, Make It!

With every camp you refer, you get $1/registration for as long as they use Campstur!

One Unified Registration System

One system for several camps means users fill out camper info only once

Tailored Registration Pages

Custom registration pages help users feel comfortable using Campstur


Don't just save money, make money!

With registrations at $5 per registration (plus 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction), we're already lowering than the competition!

But for every camp you refer that uses Campstur, you make $1/registration for each they sell! Learn more →


Data at your Fingertips

Using Campstur's administrative panel, you can always know how your camps are doing and who's coming.

All data is stored encrypted and safely, so you have nothing to worry about. Interested? Signup here →


Specifically designed for users!

A camp registration system doesn't have to be complicated. Campstur was designed to be first and foremost, easy to use!

Users who have registered with Campstur have been thrilled with how easy it is to use.