So... what is Campstur?

Campstur is a camp registration system designed for people!

Campstur cares about camps, but mostly users.

When designing Campstur, we first asked ourselves, "What should a camp registration system look like?" We then nailed down what it should look like, how it should work, and how it should feel. Then, we built a system to support that vision!


How's Campstur work?

  1. Campers get a link to your camp's registration on Campstur through either your website, a brochure, or some other method you choose. The URL is provided on your admin dashboard.
  2. Campers complete registration.
  3. That registration is immediately available to you.
  4. Money is deposited into your bank account seven days later.

When did Campstur start?

Campstur started development in early 2010 and began taking registrations for the 2011 camp season.


What makes Campstur different?

With Campstur's focus on the users' experience, Campstur offers very easy to use interfaces.

Campstur is only a camp registration system. By staying focused on one market, it allows costs to remain low, meaning lower fees for you!

Campstur not only helps you save money, but can even help you earn money! When you refer another camp, you earn $1 for each registration they sell! Learn more →