Pricing as it should be... easy!

It's $5 per registrant, plus 2.9% + 30 cents per credit transaction. No setup fees. Here's what you get...

Feature Included?
Camp Registration System Yes
Down Payment Options Yes
Unlimited Discounts Yes
Custom Fields added to Registration Yes
Offline Payment Options Yes
Sell other Products during Checkout Yes
Spreadsheet Downloads of Camper Information Yes
Email Sending Tools Yes
Customized Registration Look and Feel Yes
Mobile Friendly Layouts Yes

How do I get my registration payments?

Campstur uses Stripe for all payment processing. Stripe deposits money directly into your bank account seven days after the transaction is made.


How/when are registration fees processed?

All fees are processed automatically! There are no invoices, no bills, so... no worries!

If I refund someone, do I get the fees back too?

Yes. You will get the $5 fee from Campstur returned, as well as the transaction fee.


You mean I can make money using Campstur?

For every camp you refer that uses Campstur, you'll receive $1 for each registration they sell for as long as they use Campstur! The more you refer, the more you make! If a camp sells 500 registrants, you get a $500 check!

How do I refer someone?

When the camp you refer registers for Campstur, they must enter your referral code.

Your referral code will appear here when you are logged in, as well as on your host's settings page.

When do I get that my referral money?

Checks are sent to you on May 1 and Aug 15 (or after the last camp has finished for the summer.


Need help figuring out pricing?

Here's a tool to help!

Cost of Registration: $
Registration Fee: $5
Transaction Fee: (2.9% + .30) $0
Amount you Receive: $

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