Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We want to be completely honest and open about the information we collect about you. You have control over it all. All information you supply about your camper (names, address, birthdates, etc.) is stored. Some of that information is required to be supplied in order for camps to run.

We also log the history of pages you visit while on our site. By knowing the path you take through our site, we can diagnose any errors that might occur. However, your IP address is anonymized, so we do not know where you are physically located.


How do we collect the information?

We collect information the same way almost every other website does... with the use of cookies. A cookie is set in your browser once you visit the site by our analytics software. Another is set when you log in so we know who you are.

For our analytics software, we use a software called Piwik. It is installed on our own server, is very well supported, very well secured, and is used by over 250,000 websites. All data stays on our server and is not sent anywhere else, including any third parties.


How do we store your information?

All traffic between the server and your browser is made over SSL, a secured channel that no one else can intercept. This is standard for all data collection sites, from email to banking.

All information about your camper is stored secured and encrypted in a database. If there were to be a leak, you can be assured that no one will be able to read the data.


How do we use your information?

When you register for a camp, the camp receives all information that you entered in your registration. They can view the campers' name, birthdate, and other profile information. However, they cannot change anything. If you cancel or withdraw from a camp, your name is still provided to the camp, but no additional information.

Our analytic information (what pages you visit, etc.) is available only to our internal support staff and is used only to help diagnose problems, if they occur. All passwords are encrypted and we never receive any confidential banking information from Stripe.


What control do you have over your data?

Obviously, you have control over the information you supply when registering. However, certain information is required for registration and if left empty, may prevent you from submitting your registration.

If you wish to opt-out from being tracked in our analytics software, you can do so by visiting this page. Note that by opting-out, we may not be able to diagnose problems if they occur.