Terms of Use

Campstur Terms of Use

Section A: Monetary Matters

1. Registration Costs and Fees

We do not set the price for any camps. You are responsible for setting the prices for each camp option and product.

If you change the price for any option or product, any accounts that already have the changed item will not be charged extra. Balances will only decrease, not increase. For example, if you increase the price for registration, all registered balances will remain the same. However, if you lower costs, credits will be applied to accounts.

We charge an automatic $5 fee for each registration made for your camp. For each transaction, Stripe (our payment processor) charges 2.9% + $0.30. By using a down payment option, you understand that paying off remaining balances constitutes a new transaction and therefore, is charged the additional $0.30.

2. Refunds

When issuing refunds, you will not be refunded the transaction fees incurred by Stripe. However, you will be refunded the $5 registration fee. This fee is not deposited automatically, but will be included in your next check.

3. Referral Income

Upon referring another camp, you will receive $1 per registration they sell, for as long as they use Campstur. Checks are sent as outlined in Section A.4.

4. Checks

Checks are sent on the first Monday of each quarter of the year (January, April, July, October). The checks will cover any refunds or referral bonuses for the previous quarter. For example, a check sent on the first Monday in January will cover all refunds and bonuses for October 1 through December 31.

5. Chargebacks and Disputes

Campstur is not responsible for any chargebacks or disputes associated with a payment. Campstur can provide any data related to any charge, but it is between the camp host and customer to resolve any concerns.

6. Stripe Terms

Since Campstur uses Stripe for all card payment processing, you also agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Stripe Terms of Service.


Section B: Camper Interaction

1. Camper Data Protection

We take all camper's data privacy very seriously. We do our best to prevent data leakage and to ensure only authorized users have access to camper data.

We allow you to download camper data related to your camps. You acknowledge that you are responsible for downloaded data and we cannot be held responsible for actions or outcomes resulting in the misuse or mishandling of that data.

2. Emailing Campers

We give you the ability to email campers. This is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. All emails must be related to camps and must not be used for solicitation, marketing, spamming, or any other annoying practice. If complaints are received from registrants, you will receive a warning. If problems persist, email capabilities may be removed from your camps.


Section C: Termination

We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time. You also reserve this right. Upon termination, you will still receive any remaining referral or refunds when your next check is sent.


Section D: Updates to the Terms of Use

We reserve the right to update the Terms of Use at any point. Upon updates, we will notify all camp administrators outlining the changes. If you decide you do not agree with the updated Terms of Use, you may terminate your account.